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Numerology starts with your name and birth date. Numerology is the analysis of numbers, specifically one’s date of birth, and the associated numerical values given to the letters of the alphabet, particularly one’s name. Numerology also examines such numbers and their extraordinary effects on person’s life and associated energy vibrations, along with the interpretation of such information to provide insight and guidance.

It is an ancient mystical science involving the study of numbers and their meaning. The Numerology can help you get in touch with reality. The reality that you are an incredible human being with so many unique gift and talents. The number helps you to find your purpose in life. It reveals your talents, abilities and shortcomings. It will help you to understand your basic nature and align with your purpose, which brings about ultimate fulfillment.

Birthday The day you were born indicates a special gift you have that will help you in life.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Number 1
The Number 1 is the origin of all numbers and represents the beginning. It stands for the symbol for Sun. Like sun is the source of all life, number 1 also represents the origin of all. It also represents creative individual and things and attitudes, which are positive.

All persons born on 1st, 10th, 19th, or 28th of any month have the following traits.

Characteristics : Natural leader, self-sufficient, ambitious. Political leadership, celebrity, or small business owner.

Precautions : Avoid extremes of bossiness, shyness. Too impulsive.

Special about you : Standing out from the crowd. Trying new ideas.

Number 2
The number 2 is the symbol for the planet moon. Its attributes and all significations are feminine in nature and the number 2 people are opposite the number 1 people as they are masculine in nature. But the affinity of number 1 and 2 is very high and from a good combination.

Persons born under 2nd, 11th, 20th or 29th of any month have following traits.

Characteristics : Loving, peace-maker, analytical, ideal partner. Diplomatic corps, counselor, partner in small business.

Precautions : Hanging back, not speaking up. Stuck on details, lonely.

Special about you : Finding the right relationship. Needs, harmony, order.

Number 3
The number 3 is the symbol of Jupiter. It is considered the noble planet and also extremely important planet in astrology and numerology because its association with malefic planets can reduce their malefic results drastically. It defines a type of force which carries through all other numbers after it. The number has a very special relation with every third in the series as 6 and 9.If edit in anyway 3, 6, 9 at to ultimately 9. People of 3, 6, 9 have a special affinity between them.

All those born on 3rd, 21st, 12th, 30th of any month have the following qualities.

Characteristics : Outgoing, joy of life, imaginative, Enthusiastic, Press secretary, Party planner.

Precautions : Fears routine, May lack self-discipline, Accomplish little.

Special about you : Energy and ideas in action, having good time.

Number 4
In numerology number 4 stands for the symbol of Uranus planet. It is related to sun and the numbers 1 and 4 are quite related as well. Number 4 persons have a different view for everything. They have an ability to look at things oppositely. Due to this quality Number 4 persons are not very successful in worldly affairs and even material issues.

All the persons born on 4th,13th, 22nd, and 31st of a month get attracted to these qualities.

Characteristics : Works hard, Practical, Gets things done. Administrator, Team Player, Back office of small business.

Precautions : Fears downsizing, Not having familiar routine. Rigid.

Special about you : Need for security. Develops order out of chaos.

Number 5
The number 5 represents Mercury. This number is very versatile and is mercurial and in its qualities and characteristics. Number 5 people are very affable and friendly. They make friends easily. They get along practically all types of people.

All those born on 5th, 14th, and 23rd of any month are number 5 people have the following qualities.

Characteristics : To search for new opportunities. Take chances. Try it all.

Precautions : Restlessness to the point of boredom. Easily side-tracked.

Special about you : Public figure, media, develop new idea for small business.

Number 6
The number 6 is the symbolism for the planet Venus. These people have something extremely attractive about them and they tend to attracts others towards them naturally. All those persons who are born on 6th, 15th, and 24th of the any month have these special information about them.

Characteristics : Warm, Nurturing, and happily domestic. Reliable. Personal assistant, Educator, or Caterer.

Precautions : May end up feeling like a doormat. Can be too opinionated.

Special about you : Taking care of loved ones. Finding safety, comfort.

Number 7
The number 7 stands for planet Neptune as per Numerology and represents all persons born under this series are closely associated with moons traits as Neptune is highly connected with water. Number 2 for the Moon has a very close relation with number 7.These people have 2 as their secondary number and get along very well with people born under the number 2. Number 7 people are very original and in every thing they do, their individuality is visible.

All persons born under the 7th, 16th, 25th of a month have these qualities.

Characteristics : A deep thinker spiritually inclined, Unique, Eccentric. Analytical field. Or self-employment in small business.

Precautions : Too aloof and fears not living up to high standards, A loner.

Special about you : To seek answers to life's questions, Observe, Discover.

Number 8
Number 8 is the symbol of Saturn in numerology the main quality of these people that they are lonely at heart and very intensely at that they are often misunderstood in life and this leads to melancholy. These people are very deep individuals and have the capacity to play a very important role in life. They can become fanatics if they are religious.

Person born on 8th, 17th, and 26th of a month have number 8 as their number have the following qualities.

Characteristics : Decisive, Forceful, Good with money, Accomplished Professional Operator of small business franchises.

Precautions : Often lacks feeling for those who standing the way of goals.

Special about you : To strive higher, Take control, Seek power, Status.

Number 9
The number of mars is number 9.The main qualities of number 9 persons are that they have warrior like attitude. They fight till the end of any isuue.Their will power is very high and they generally struggle in early part of life but in the end they succeed due to the determination and will power they posses.

All the person born on 9th, 18th, and 27th of a month are number 9 people.

Characteristics : Inspired, Intuitive, Creative. Seeks to improve the world, Community leader, Organizer.

Precautions : Needs to avoid bad habits and attend to life's details.

Special about you : To see the "big picture." To dream the dream.

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