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Feng shui
Five thousands years old fengshui has played an important role in Japanese, Chinese cultures and there progress.Nowdays Feng Shui is Most popular around the globe because of effectiveness. FengShui means Water and Wind. We know our existence depends on two sources of energy.

In Tao philosophy, every thing is manifested by the combination of Yin or Yang. Even today, in the age of new millennium our most powerful tool- the computer also works on binary code (0 and!1).All the information is the combination of 0 and1.Intuitive discoveries by the Chinese, before thousands of year gave us the two basic code and 64 hexagrams arising from them. These 64 hexagrams represents all positive stages of change from birth to death. and just 40 years ago science gave us the 64 co dons of DNA,the genetic code for life. Base of these hexagrams is Yin and Yang.Yin is symbolized by broken line and Yan symbolized by continuous line.64 permutations and combinations of these two is Life. In changing life, synergy of Yin and Yang and harmony between them is symbolized by the symbol of unity without Yin.Yang can not exist and without Yang, Yin can not exist. they seem to be opposite but they are actually complementary to each other.

In china every mode of life some how linked to Yin and Yang.Even the numerology and numbers are Yin or Yang.Yin numbers are odd and Yang numbers are even.Zero represents nothing,perfection and harmony.A favourable number of house,vehicle,phone etc.Should be consisting equal of both Yin and Yang numbers.

Feng Shui the Chinese wisdom is based upon the Tao Principals a combination of divine and universal energy i.e. earth & heaven. The uses of mystic Chinese formulation help us mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. The Tao principals of fengshui create harmonize natural energy to bring good luck and achieving our dreams and desire to make us happy.

Feng Shui is all about how energy moves in our surroundings and how to harness this energy for happy, healthy and prosperous life. Millions of people gained beneficial results just by small change. You also can have it by simple re arrangement of desk, furniture changing color and shape of placements of symbolic objects. Life force of the earth is circulated by water. Similarly subtle energy circulation in the space is governed by the wind. Wind brings healthy energy and takes bad energy. So water and wind are essential elements in the nature and in our life.Fengshui has its root in TAO, which means the way of nature.

• Nourishing Energy :- Mother Earth in the form of food.
• Cosmic Energy :- Air in the form of oxygen or Vital force from space.

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